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About Me:  Mrs. Cinquemani


  • I’ve been teaching since 1996


  • I have taught in a 1st-2nd grade multiage classroom, 1st grade and 4th grade


  • I have been married for 12 years.  (My husband and I have yet to remember our anniversary.  Thank goodness we are both horrible with dates!)


  • I have a dog named Izzy.  She is a Rottweiler, but thinks she is a Saint Bernard.  (She drools a lot!)  Although a Rottweiler is known for their protective nature, I truly believe that if a burglar were to break into our house, she would allow them to take whatever they wanted, as long as they pet her and gave her a biscuit.


  • I have a beautiful 11-year-old daughter named Shea.  She loves to sing and act.  I see a future Broadway star!


  • I also have a 7-year-old daughter named Brin.  If she were born first, she would be an only child.  She tests me every step of the way, with a scrunched up nose and clenched teeth.  Despite our daily battles over teeth and hair brushing, I still love her dearly.  (But now you know why I have so much gray hair!)


  • I absolutely love chocolate.  I’m not picky, but my favorite dessert is warm chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream on top.  YUMMY!


  • I can be tough, but I also think I am fair.


  • I try not to give homework on Fridays, but sometimes . . . it happens.


  • The best way to reach me is via email.  My email address is:



  • You can also reach me by phone at:  908-284-7620 ext. 5833


  • My goal as an educator is not to just teach children to learn academically, but to help children feel good about themselves and what they have accomplished.  I will push your children to do the best they can, and I will praise them for their efforts.  I will also hold them accountable for their actions.  As they become more and more independent, they need to be responsible for the choices that they make.


  • I believe whole-heartedly that if we work together as a team, your child will have the best academic experience possible.