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The Flemington-Raritan School District (FRSD) is a regional, K-8 district serving the children, parents and residents of Flemington Borough and Raritan Township, an area encompassing 38 square miles. As a growing community, our district provides opportunities for students to explore new interests and gain self-confidence while learning from one another. We are committed to offering high-quality instructional programs, enrichment activities and staff development opportunities and enhancing student self-esteem. Our dedication to children supports our philosophy of educational excellence, which is reflected in our mission statement: 

      The Flemington-Raritan Regional School District provides our students with an exceptional education, empowering them to become problem solvers, collaborators and critical thinkers. The district creates a culture in which students act responsibly and communicate effectively in preparing to become productive citizens in a changing, global society.

      It is the expectation of the Flemington-Raritan School District that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.

Within the past decade, the district has experienced some population decline. However, over the next five years student population will remain stable. Operating four K-4 elementary schools, a 5-6 intermediate school and a 7-8 middle school, the district houses 3,500 students and employs over 500 staff members. The curriculum includes both pre-school handicapped and gifted and talented programs. Upon completing eighth grade, students attend Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

FRSD is recognized for its innovative and research-based, developmentally appropriate instructional programs, including Reading Recovery, process writing, balanced literacy; University of Chicago School Mathematics; Discipline-Based Art Instruction; and coordinated Fine Arts. In all schools, the district incorporates art, music, computer skills and physical education into the related arts curriculum. The English Language Arts and the Mathematics Curriculum are used in concert with the National Common Core Standards and are used for ongoing revisions of the district’s rigorous and competitive curriculum

The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and national standards are used in all other curriculum and are used for ongoing revisions of the district’s rigorous and competitive curriculum. Committed to the expansion and use of technology, the district provides schools with computer labs and Internet access in all classrooms. The district is committed to the inclusion of our classified students and provides a full range of services for Multiply Disabled, Learning/Language Disabilities, Autism and Preschool Disabilities. Few students obtain their education outside the district.

Students in the district consistently perform at or above their counterparts on statewide assessments and nationally-normed standardized tests. The average daily student attendance rate in all six schools consistently exceeds the state average. The average K-4 class size is 19 students, with 23-26 students on average in intermediate and middle school classes. The teachers, administrators, Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent are supported by curriculum supervisors for language arts, mathematics, social studies/science and technology. Each school has a principal and at least one vice principal, guidance counselor, nurse and media specialist. The Board of Education supports an exemplary staff development plan, including a mentoring program for pre-tenured teachers. Providing quality presenters, workshops and educational conferences, the program enhances teachers' growth through required readings and training sessions. Topics include report cards, grading, lesson planning, school law, class management, testing strategies and curriculum instruction.

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