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Parent Portal

"We had found the secret of life."

--James Watson


Microstructure of Living Things




The Microbe Zoo

Biology-Cells (site created by Gr 7 science teacher) Very Good

Interactive Tour of the Cell

Life Science Safari

BrainPOP - Cells and Basics


Cells Are Us


Bio-Ed Online (# of Kingdoms)

Cell Cycle

A Virtual Pond Dip

Cellular Biology (excellent basic information) covers many areas

Basic Biology Slides (excellent slide examples for our "Five Kingdoms of Life" activities)

The Bad Bug Book

Enchanted Learning Cells (excellent info)

World Book Encyclopedia on-line

Understanding Evolution

BBC Biology-Cells and much more (excellent stuff)

Microscope Imaging Station (Excellent photos and much more)







Gene Choice

Genetic Science Learning Center


Human Genome

Click and Clone Mimi the Mouse (This is Great, must see)

Mystery Bull-Interactive Genetics

The Human Transcript Map

Your Genes Your Choice

Mouse Genetics

Cloning and Genetics

Cloning 101 (This site has excellent info about real cloned animals and very good animation)
Tour the Basics, from DNA to Traits (This has excellent info, animations, and sound)

DNA - Genes and Things Introduction  -  I Can Do That!

Genetics Education Center (clearing-house of sites)

DNA Extraction Activity from Wheat Germ

Stem Cells in the Spotlight (Excellent interactive site)

Genetics Web (Excellent interactive genetics activities - Introductory to Advanced)

Who's Your Daddy? (This an excellent site loaded with info and activities)