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Think globally, Act locally
Environmental Pollution/Water and Air Quality

Environmental News Network



The EPA Climate Change Site



World Wide Fossil Fuel Reserves




Global Climate Change Scam? (In science we should objectively analysize ALL data, not just data the fits our model. This site offers a collection of data from various sources that are contrary to main stream media information)


Climate Ark


Fossil Fuels (excellent info about coal, oil, gas and reserves)


Miami Museum of Science-The pH Factor


Our Changing Planet (numerous excellent short video clips)


Global Warming (excellent info and data) replaces focus on the future


On the trail of missing ozone Illustrated Panels 


Ozone Depletion Myth vs. Measurement 


The Greenhouse Effect FAQ's


Explorelearning Gizmo (pH test)


The Nature Conservancy

Eutrophication (Barnegat Bay NJ)


The Greenhouse Effect 


USGS Climate Change Site, Past, Present, and Future (could lead to discussions)


United States Environmental Protection Agency 


Fight Global Warming


Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming Videos and Diagrams (very good)


NJ Department of Environmental Protection


Scientific Facts on Climate Change


Kids' Corner pH Scale


RFMS Library Science Access Page


Global Warming and Greenhouse EffectKids Site (very good)


World Population Growth


Our Changing Planet


EPA Environmental Pollution (Acid Rain, plus)


Rotten Truth About Garbage


Water Quality and Usage


Ground Water - Frequently Asked Questions


Explore Learning Web Page


EPA Acid Rain Student Site (animation)


Scientific Facts on Global Climate Change (Green Facts)


Geologic Time (Good info about Earth and how it formed)


Maps and Globes (Good info about Earth, how it formed and more)


Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Excellent info and gives pros and cons)


Clean Water NJ (Good site with lots of info and hints to help keep water sources clean)


Hunterdon County Garbage (Newspaper article: Very interesting information)


Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository 


Chernobyl - Myths and Reality 


Pictures of Chernobyl
Power a City (This is a cool and totally interactive site for students to make choices of how to power their city) 
Weather Wiz (This is a very comprehensive privately run weather site)
USGS Climate Change Site (excellent info and numerous links)
Is There Global Cooling?  (Excellent information and Data, Data, Data, Where is the Global Warming?)  This is a must read, science is the search for truth. No politics! 
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Global Warming Facts (Very Good video and lots of information) hundreds of scientists question the science and misleading information surrounding global warming.