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The District is expanding its use of the Parent Portal with new features and greater security for the 2013-2014 school year.  The Parent stay informed and involved in the academic life of their children.  Parent Portal is a digital gateway designed to give parents/guardians and students (with parent/guardian permission) the ability to securely view information such as:
  • Obtain homeroom teacher assignments effective August 23, 2013  
  • Update your child's home and parent contact information: address, phone, email, text message, etc.
  • View online teacher assignments and student schedules (grades 6-8)
  • View report cards
  • Monitor grades for individual assignments as they are inputted by the teachers into their grade books
  • Monitor daily attendance records in “real time"
  • Print grade and attendance reports for your child
  • Receive emails as often as you like with grade and attendance information
  • Use links to initiate emails to teachers
  • View comments by teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Do I have to set up more than one account if I have more than one child in school?


No.  Each child will have a unique Access ID and Access Password, but a parent/guardian will use the information for each of their children to create one master account with multiple children's information available.  You will be able to add your children’s information at any point; for example, in January when the K-6 grades come online.


2.  Can each parent/guardian have his/her own account?


Yes.  Each parent just needs to use the same Access ID and Access Password to create a Parent Portal account that will have different user names, user passwords, user email address, etc.


3.  Can a student have an account?


Yes.  All parents/guardians requesting a Parent Portal account will be given a username and password for each of their children.  If a parent/guardian determines that their child(ren) is able to maintain account security and will use the information appropriately, the parent/guardian can choose to provide him/her with the necessary access information.


It is not recommended that a parent/guardian and student share a single account.  If the parent/guardian has multiple children, then a child will have access to other silbing's information.


4.   What do I do if my password becomes known to others?


Change your password immediately by updating your "Account Preferences." If your password has been changed and you can not access your account, then click on the link on the log-on page that says, "Having Trouble Signing in" and follow the directions.


5.  I forgot my username and/or password?


Go to the log on page and click on the link, "Having Trouble Signing in?" to have an email with access information sent to your email account.


6.  I am having difficulties using Parent Portal.  Can I get help?


The District cannot accept responsibility for providing technical support for personal computer equipment.  However, PowerSchool, the software behind our Parent Portal, is easy-to-use and works on most computers.  If you are having difficulty, try using a computer with a different operating system and/or Internet browser.


This website does contain some resources that may help you learn how to use Parent Portal.  As more information is developed, the website will be updated.


If you wish to communicate about a Parent Portal issue you are experiencing, you can email at powerschool@frsd.k12.nj.us


7.  I set up an account and know my username and password, but I’m having difficulty logging on. 


Some parents/guardians used a “@” sign as part of their username.  If you did, PowerSchool will not give you access.  To resolve the issue, please contact the powerschool@frsd.k12.nj.us.  Your account will be deleted, and you can create a new account without using the “@” symbol in your username.


8.  I’m not sure which set of codes to use when creating my parent account?


The letter you received has two sets of codes.  One set of codes allows a parent/guardian to set up a master account and choose a unique username and password using the “Create Account” link on the log-on page.  If you attempt to “log on” using these codes without first creating an account, you will not be able to do so.


A second set of codes were also provided that allow you, at your discretion, to give access to the portal to your child.  These codes include a working username and password that do not require any set-up to work. 


The reason for the difference is because a parent account can be used as a “master account” with information for multiple children.  To set this up, you must use the access ID and access password provided to create your account and then “link” your new account with each of your children.  A student account only gives information for that one child, and therefore, no linking is necessary.


9.  What does the “My Calendars” link allow a parent/guardian do?


If you successfully “subscribed” to a teacher(s) calendar, the future date of any upcoming assignment entered by a teacher will appear as an “appointment” in your calendar.


The use of this feature requires that your calendar program use the “ICS standard” to format your appointments and the set-up varies with each calendar program.


Some calendars will automatically link to the teachers’ calendars by simply clicking on the “subscribe” link.  Others will require you to cut and paste the hyperlink into a field contained in your calendar program.  In addition, some calendars will update automatically to reflect new or changed assignment due dates, while others will require you to refresh the calendar manually using a link inside your calendar program.


The “My Calendar” feature requires a more advanced understanding of your calendar program; however, look forward to a training video that you may find helpful if you choose to use this feature.

Last Modified on August 19, 2013