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    Statute Citation

    N.J.A.C. 6A:14-1.2 District eligibility for assistance under IDEA Part B item 18 (h)

    Each district board of education shall ensure that a special education parent advisory group is in place in the district to provide input to the district on issues concerning students with disabilities.


    What is SEPAG?

    SEPAG is an independent volunteer group and its effectiveness within the district is dependent on the participation of parents coming to meetings, discussing special education topics and learning about more special education. 


    Who can become a SEPAG member?

    Parents and/or guardians of students with disabilities and Individual Education Programs (IEPs)



    The mission of SEPAG is to provide support, guidance and a safe sharing environment for families of children with special needs.  


    As a Special Education Parent Advisory Group, we act as a liason on behalf of parents to provide feedback on District strengths and areas of need, and service as a resource to parents by communicating information about the special education process and programs currently available in Flemington-Raritan School District.

    SEPAG Goals and Objectives
    • Foster a positive and respectful environment within the special education community through parent education and involvement
    • Help students with disabilities succeed academically and socially
    • Provide friendship and support for families through parent sharing sessions
    • Offer parents avenues to support organizations available in Hunterdon County / New Jersey
    • Gather member comments/questions and foster communication with FRSD Special Services Administrators
    • Build a strong and solid partnership between parents and educators within FRSD
    What is the purpose of SEPAG?
    This is a parent forum to share ideas, bring attention to issues that affect the students and provide solutions. Parents learn from other parents’ topics, questions and advice and this is a forum where it can take place.
    Secondly, SEPAG hosts Special Education Parent Workshops to help parents become better informed about special education topics and by conducting informational meetings featuring guests and topics that deal with Special Education needs. 
    Is SEPAG an official part of the Flemington-Raritan School District or the Board of Education?
    No. SEPAG is a separate, independent volunteer group. The FRSD SEPAG works in a cooperative effort along with the Flemington-Raritan Special Services Department.
    How do we achieve our goals?
    Parent involvement, parent support, and parent input will make SEPAG effective within the school district and benefit students with disabilities.

    Parents may provide feedback on things that are working well and areas of opportunity within the Department of Special Services.  Items requiring immediate attention should be communicated through the case manager, however the following parent survey will be reviewed periodically.  Link:   Parent Input Survey 

    Parent Liaisons:  If you would like to learn more about SEPAG or seek support from a fellow parent, these parents are willing to help!
    Please contact our SEPAG Chair and Parent Liason, Lauren Bielski @ lbielski0924@gmail.com   (Represents all schools.   Child attends FAD) 
    Please contact Parent Liaison, Krista Valenzuela @ kristamshea@gmail.com  (Represents:  RH and Preschool)
    Please contact Parent Liaison, lisampollack13@gmail.com (Represents:  RFIS)
    2021-22 SEPAG Meeting Dates
    • Virtual October 5th - Meeting Topic: Introduction of SEPAG - Send Ms. Bielski an email at lbielski0924@gmail.com if you are planning to attend.   She will send a Google Meet link to interested families.
    2020-2021 SEPAG Meeting Agendas/Recordings
    • October 27th- Meeting Topic: Introduction of SEPAG, Staff, Goals and Input
      • View the presentation here
      • View the live recording here
    • January 20th- Meeting Topic: Supporting Stress, Excessive Worry and Mental Health during Covid-19
      • View the presentation here
    • February 25th- Visual Schedule Presentation
      • View the presentation here
      • View the live recording here
    • Upcoming: May 4th @10:00 am 
      • Please join us for a virtual "coffee" on May 4th at 10 am.  We would like to hear from our community on the year so far, goals for the 2021/2022 and potential future gatherings .  We welcome anyone interested in supporting our children with special needs and the people around them!  Please RSVP to Lauren Bielski at lbielski0924@gmail.com by April 30th.  Looking forward to seeing you there!
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