• Response to Intervention (RtI)

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    The Response to Intervention program uses a multi-criteria system which identifies students who would benefit from additional instruction from Intervention Specialists in the areas of mathematics and/or reading due to skill gaps that cause them to perform below grade-level. A broad spectrum of strategies is employed for diagnosing learning areas of strength and specific skills gaps prescribing specific learning interaction, and monitoring and sustaining student academic performance. Interventions may include planned differentiation by classroom teachers as well as focused direct instruction in push-in/pull-out, small group/individualized instruction.
    The goal of the RtI program is to intervene regarding student learning concerns, resolve those concerns, build success, and release the student gradually toward independence.  Instruction is scaffolded into guided, independent, and applied practice, and assessment of skill acquisition and content application is ongoing. RtI maximizes student understanding and academic potential.   
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Last Modified on July 26, 2023