• Related imageWelcome to 5th grade!

    I hope everyone had a fantastic summer filled with fun, adventures and of course reading! I am very excited to meet you on the first day of school. My name is Ms. Perkins & I will be your teacher for Language Arts. We are going to be learning so much about each other and I am excited to share with you my passion for reading. Throughout our time together we are going to become experts on important Non-fiction topics, discuss topics that are important to you & travel through time to unknown and magical places! You will be challenged to think outside of the box, try new strategies as well as to help each other grow as readers and students. 

    In Social Studies, Mrs. Casal and I will be co-teaching the important events that occured in American history. We will begin with a study of the first inhabitants of our continent and travel through history up to the Revolutionary War.