• 7 pocket poly expanding portfolio (No Trapper Keepers or binders)
    • 7 composition notebooks, 100 or more sheets, hard-cover (No spiral notebooks please)
    • 4 boxes of 12 sharpened Ticonderoga pencils*
    • 4 fine point, black Sharpie markers
    • 4 laminated pocket folders
    • 1 large pink eraser
    • 2 yellow highlighters
    • 8.5 x 11 soft, zippered pencil bag (No pencil boxes please!) 
    • 1 pair of children’s scissors
    • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener 
    • 1 box of crayons
    • 4 dry erase markers
    • 1 box of tissues
    • earbuds or headphones (These will have to stay in school, so you may want another pair for home.) 

    *These items will be held for your child and given out as needed.

    Space inside the desks is tight so kindly send only the listed items.
    Thank you for purchasing your child’s school supplies.
    We would like to also thank the PTO for purchasing a student planner for each student!