• Rubric and Guidelines

    Use the link above for the rubric and guidelines for the Atom Model project.  Remember that you will need to use a Periodic Table to figure out how many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in your chosen element's atom.  You need to use materials to build this 3-D model at home, and an ID tag to hang from the model that displays the atomic number, atomic mass, and the element's name and symbol (similar to its square on the Periodic Table).  You will need to use the link below to figure out how the electrons are arranged around the nucleus once you figure out the correct amounts of the particles.  Once you are at the website, click on element list to find the page describing your element.  Once at that page, click on Orbitals/Bonds to figure this out.  These electrons will be arranged in rings, or orbital shells.  You need to display these orbital shells with the correct amount of electrons on each shell as well as the correct amount of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.