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    Good Afternoon Family,

    We will begin elearning tomorrow! I will post assignments daily for the students to do. I will also be using Zoom, an online website, to communicate daily with my students. I will post the link that the students need to click. Once they click the link they can join my chat. This way we can talk as a class. Monday-Friday I will be on Zoom at 10:30-11:00 for office hours. Any time from 10:30 - 11:00 your child may join me and ask questions and share concerns. At 11:00, I am asking for all students to join so we can have a group discussion. Joining our Zoom discussions are not mandatory; however, they are a good way to communicate daily and learn.

    Things to look for - tomorrow morning you will see your assignment an click on the link to chat with me at 10:30 and/or 11:00.






    Hello Families!

    Today your child is bringing home a manila folder with the following things…

    Contents of this Folder…

    (All assignments will be posted on ClassDojo, Google Classroom, and Emailed.  I will post to all 3 to ensure everyone knows the assignment!)

    1. Daily Reading Comprehension - do one daily!
    2. Fluency Poem - do daily...follow the directions for each day!
    3. Daily Language Review - do one page daily
    4. Reading Workshop - continue reading your book club book.  If we are in school, Book Club meets on Tuesday.  If we are not in school Book Club will still happen.  We will do it on ClassDojo. You will post on ClassDojo a picture or video of one of your post its and I will respond.  I also gave you the next book. Please do not read until we finish the first.
    5. Writing Journal - we will continue writing our original fairy tale.  I will post lessons for you. Check ClassDojo for videos and assignments.
    6. Math - PLEASE PRACTICE YOUR MULTIPLICATION MATH FACTS DAILY!  Math Journal - I will post assignments on ClassDojo.
    7. Word Study Journal - I will post the activity you are supposed to do.  Remember all the directions are in your word study journal.



    Hello!! I would like to use ClassDojo as a means of communication if distance learning is necessary (school closes). We are going to practice logging in to ClassDojo, videoing, and typing responses. I feel this will be a great way that I can chat and respond to your child numerous times a day.

    On a daily basis, I am going to ask the students to video themselves doing one of the following- reading a fluency poem, explaining a math problem, reading a chapter of their book, reading part of their original fairy tale, etc.... I will post daily what I would like them to video themselves doing. I will also post videos of me flashing the letter cards from the 3 part drill (Orton Gillingham) that we do. If possible sit with your child during this video so you can ensure he/she is saying the sounds. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Today I am sending home your child's Daily Reading Comprehension Packet, Daily Language Review, and Fluency Poems that they should do daily. There is a letter attached to each. Your child should know what to day as we do it on a daily basis. I will also be sending home a log so your child can jot down everything he/she is completing daily.

    Please me know if you have any questions.



    Hello!  I hope everyone is well.  I will be returning on Monday, March 9, which is an in service day, so I will be seeing my students on Tuesday.  This week, I had Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Conover introduce my students to Book Clubs in Reading Workshop.  A book club is a group of people who are reading the same book, so it is likely they will have similar interests. People who are members of book clubs read their books in advance and then come to the club prepared to share their thinking about characters, the story, problems. etc. The students had an opportunity to watch some sample book clubs and discuss what they observed.  Book clubs will be student driven.  I will be observing but they will run the show.  

    Yesterday, the students sampled books and made a list of their top 3 choices.  I looked over their choices and chose their first book.  As part of a book club the students will learn how to work together to decide how much of the book to read before they meet and decide on what they should be focusing on when reading and jotting.  The students are being introduced to the expectations of a book club, coming up with a name for their own book club, and learning how to come together to have meaningful conversations about what they are reading.  During minilessons, I will be teaching them new strategies as well as reviewing past strategies that they can use while reading and meeting with their book club.  In the past, my students have really enjoyed book clubs and  I hope this year will be the same.  The most important part of a book club is the preparation ahead of time...doing the agreed upon reading and note taking so that the students are prepared to chat in book club.  The students will have Independent Reading time to read their Book Club books but will most likely need additional time at home.  I appreciate it if you could reinforce the importance of being prepared and organized for book club and assist your child in thinking about what he/she is reading and jotting his/her thoughts.  Your child will need some support at the beginning but once he/she experiences a couple book club meetings, it will get easier.
    Thank you so much for your support.  I look forward to getting back!

    Katie Vaccarino

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    September 2019

    Dear Family,

    Welcome back!  I hope you and your family enjoyed the summer.  My name is Mrs. Vaccarino.  This is my 17th year working in the Flemington Raritan School District.  I taught 1st Grade at Copper Hill for 9 years, Special Education grades 1 – 4 at Robert Hunter for 4 years, and this is my 4th year on the Special Education team at Barley Sheaf.  I graduated from Monmouth University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education & Special Education and a minor in Psychology.  I also earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Writing at Centenary College.

    This year will be filled with new and exciting experiences at Barley Sheaf. Third Grade will be a challenging year of growth, learning, and discovery.  I will be teaching the following content in the Resource Room- Supplementary Instruction, Language Arts, Reading, Word Study, and Math replacement instruction on a daily basis.  My students will have daily reading and math assignments.

    Please know that my classroom is open, and I am available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns  throughout the year.  I can be reached with questions or concerns at 908-284-5622 ext. 5622 or email me using email ID: kvaccari.  Please visit my webpage frequently as I try to tweet something we did and/or learned in class every day. 

    Thank You!


    Mrs. Vaccarino