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    The Flemington-Raritan School District utilizes an accelerated program for Gifted and Talented Mathematics.  Starting with third grade, students are identified to participate in G&T mathematics courses.  These classes are taught in a pull-out setting by a G&T mathematics teacher.  The students are consistently one year ahead in the mathematics standards as compared to their grade-level peers through fifth grade.  Then, students in G&T Math 5 will progress to Pre-Algebra in sixth grade, followed by Algebra I in seventh grade and Geometry in eighth grade.  


    After fifth grade, a third level of mathematics is added to the course sequence.  This is a progression of courses that consolidates sixth through eighth grade standards into two courses (Advanced Math 6 and Advanced Math 7).  Students in this course sequence will take Algebra I in eighth grade. 


    Please refer to the Mathematics curriculum page for a detailed course sequence chart.


    It is important to recognize that students who join the Gifted and Talented Mathematics program are skipping standards.  Since mathematics is sequential and each course is the foundation for the next, students and parents are urged to consider this option carefully.  It is strongly suggested that students review the grade level standards that they may miss upon joining the Gifted and Talented Mathematics program.  For example, students entering G&T Math 3 should review the third grade mathematics standards to ensure thorough and complete understanding.  


    Students are identified for the Gifted and Talented Mathematics program or accelerated middle school classes using multiple criteria.  Included in our screening process is a review of a child’s performance on the CogAT assessment, NJSLA Mathematics standardized assessment, NWEA MAP mathematics assessment, teacher input, and results from abilities tests. Since there are multiple criteria, no one criterion is the basis for entrance into the class.  


    In February of every year, the formal process for identifying potentially gifted mathematics learners begins for students in Grades 2-5.  

    • Students in 2nd grade can be nominated by their parents and/or teachers.  All nominees will be offered the opportunity to take the CogAT screener assessment.

    • Students in 3rd and 5th grades are all screened for giftedness or acceleration and participate in CogAT testing. 

    • Students in 4th grade can be nominated by their parents and/or teachers but must meet minimum criteria. 

    The district uses multiple criteria for entry into the mathematics gifted program.  The following assessments are used as part of the identification process:

    • the CogAT assessment 

    • the NWEA MAP assessment results

    • the NJSLA assessment results 

    • the SAGES-3 assessment (grades 2-4)

    • Renzulli Scales (grades 2-4) 

    For more information about the Gifted and Talented Mathematics program or entrance criteria, please contact your school's STEM specialist:


    Barley Sheaf School

    Chris Truncale

    Copper Hill School

    Christi Staikos

    Francis A. Desmares School

    Kristin DeLorenzo

    Robert Hunter School

    Jill Tremel

    Reading-Fleming Intermediate School

    Carri Strunk

    Supervisor for Mathematics

    Kristen Wolff



Last Modified on January 3, 2023