50 Court Street

Flemington, NJ 08822

Tel: (908) 284-7561, Fax: (908) 284-7514

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Healthy Children Learn Better
The mission of the Flemington-Raritan School Nurses is to ensure the educational potential of our students by promoting wellness, identifying student-health related problems, and intervening to remediate barriers to learning.
The Flemington-Raritan School Nurses link care providers, families, school and community support services to address educational disparities caused by health conditions and social determinants of health that impact learning.  
  If you have a question, concern or would just like to share information, please contact your building nurse
by the phone number listed or through email by clicking on the highlighted link of your child's school.
Contact a School Nurse:
Barley Sheaf - health office 908-284-7588; fax 908-284-7587
Copper Hill - health office 908-284-7670; fax 908-284-7695
Francis A. Desmares- health office  908-284-7545; fax 908-284-7548
Robert Hunter- health office 908-284-7624; fax 908-284-7630
Reading-Fleming - health office 908-284-7512; fax  908-284-7649
J.P. Case - health office 908-284-5112; fax 908-284-5134


Last Modified on October 13, 2016