• Homework
    Homework is usually assigned Monday through Thursday evenings, consisting of:
    1. Math:  A worksheet to practice skills & concepts taught in the classroom.
    Also, it is recommended that students practice their addition and subtraction facts to 18.  This can be done online, with flash cards, or any other method your child enjoys.  
    2.  Reading:  At least 20 minutes of reading.  This can be reading independently or with a parent or other family member.   
    3.  Fundations: This homework is a dictation where a grown-up reads the words, and the student reads the words.  The work will come home as a stapled packet consisting of a student sheet and a parent sheet and will be the homework for that week (Monday - Thursday nights).  It should be turned in on Friday once all the work for that week has been completed.
    In closing, homework is meant to reinforce skills being taught at school.  Please  assist as you see fit.  If your child is having difficulty, jot me a note or send an email  so that I can address it at school.  Thank you, in advance, for your support!