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    We would love to celebrate your child's birthday in Room 28!

    Due to our wellness policy, we will have non-food birthday celebrations.  Birthdays will be celebrated during Morning Meetings from 9:00 - 9:15.  Instead of celebrating with a snack, students have the option of sharing a "Birthday Bag" with the class.  You are welcome to join us in class while your child shares his or her "Birthday Bag".

    We ask you to help your child assemble their "Birthday Bag".  Your child should be able to talk about the items and share how they reflect or symbolize something important to him or her.   Items may include photos, an item from a special collection, a souvenir, or an item that represents an activity (sport, dance, music, etc.). Please limit the items to 3-5. Also, please do not send any fragile or irreplaceable items. 

    If you would like to come in, please contact me at your earliest convenience before your child's birthday.  We look forward to celebrating with you on your student's special day!