• English/Language Arts Homework

    Students will be asked to read for at least 20 minutes each day at home. 

    Reading may look like: reading independently, reading aloud to a family member, stuffed animal, pet, etc., listening to a recorded book and following along in a paper copy, being read aloud to, reading a magazine, etc.

    Students will be asked to share about what they read for homework during the following school day. 


    Math Homework

    Students will usually be assigned homework in their enVision workbook, Monday through Thursday. It is essential that these books return to school each day, as our class lessons use these books. Students will be assigned select problems to complete each night, which will be recorded in their assignment books, as well as circled in their workbooks. Math assignments will be checked for completion each morning and will be further reviewed during our Math block each day. Students should also practice their facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) for at least five minutes each night.

    Fact Practice may look like: the use of traditional flashcards, use of websites such as Freckle or Xtra Math (usernames and passwords will be provided), practicing facts aloud while in the car, etc.