• What is Word Study?

    Word Study is basically the study of words, how they work, and how they relate to each other.

    Students can practice word study in school, at home, and essentially anywhere in the world.


    One activity/routine we have practiced in ELA class:

    Shades of Meaning

    1. choose a word you are familiar with, from the new words we are studying
    2. list about 5 synonyms for this word, that you can think of in a short period of time
    3. organize these words from left to right based on a little bit of the main word to a lot of the main word (For example, one word we practiced with was jammed. What word is a little bit of jammed, from our list from #2? Which word was a lot of jammed, from our list from #2? The students chose squished as a little bit of jammed and squeezed as a lot of jammed.)                                 

    A web site that helps students find synonyms, antonyms, and sample sentences for words: