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    What is Reading Recovery?

         Reading Recovery was created by New Zealand's master educator and literacy expert, Marie Clay, in the 1970s.  It has proven to be a successful reading intervention program in the United States since 1984.  Reading Recovery teachers receive specialized training for a full year from accredited institution Lesley University.  We continue regular professional development after that.  Just like our students, we are lifelong learners!  Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention program for first graders who are having difficulty with reading and writing.  Children receive daily one on one lessons for 30 minutes.  The program runs for 12-20 weeks with the goal of bringing children up to grade level.  During a lesson, children read multiple books, write about their reading, and engage in word work.  Every lesson follows a predictable, comfortable format that is individualized for each student.  Children receive Reading Recovery lessons in addition to their daily reading lessons in the classroom.