• Happy birthday

    Birthdays are exciting days for fourth graders. In 4R we recognize birthdays in special ways. Barley Sheaf Elementary School has a no food or share policy. This means no special snacks, treats, or edible items can be sent in to share with classmates. On your child’s birthday in 4R he/she will be honored in several ways.

    One way to celebrate birthdays is we will be doing a birthday book collection. Your birthday boy or girl is asked to bring in a favorite picture book from home. This book will be our class read aloud that day and he/she will share it with the class. The book will be plated on the inside with a sticker as a birthday book and classmates will write a birthday wish in the front and back cover of the book, similar to how the students sign yearbooks at the end of the year. The book will then be housed in our birthday book basket in our class for the students to enjoy all year. At the end of the year, the book will come home to keep as a memory of their 4th grade.

    If you and your child prefer, a small, non-edible food item such as a sticker or birthday pencil can be brought in for each student in 4R instead of a book.

    We will celebrate summer birthdays on half-birthdays or during the month of June. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions!