Program Highlights

    Language Arts

    *a strong basis in sound/symbol recognition, phonetic awareness through the use of Orton-Gillingham reading strategies and Recipe for Reading materials

    *use of Edmark Sight Word Program/Reading Milestones when appropriate

    *Guided Reading, spelling, and writing, activities on developmentally appropriate levels

    Social Studies/Science

    *is conducted in the mainstream or in the LEAP classroom

    *students will follow the theme of their appropriate grade level


    *Math Epressions/Number Worlds program/Pinpoint Math are used as appropriate

    *use of supplemental materials

     *reinforcement through games on the computer and iPad.

    *use of manipulatives

    *continuous practice and reinforcement

    Social Skills

    *Social skills training takes place in the LEAP setting as well as in the general education classroom.

    *appropriate interactions with peers

    *impulse control


    *expressing ideas orally

    *listening and responding to others appropriately

    *communicating needs appropriately

    Functional/Life Skills

    *provides opportunities for child to gain functional skills at her/his developmental level (ie. mealtime skills, personal care, etc.)

    *activities to develop fine motor skills

    Sensory Integration  

    *sensory activities centering around grade-level themes

    *activities to assist in helping a child who has under- or overactive sensory issues

    Gross Motor

    *therapeutic positioning

    *activities to develop ambulation skills, strength, and balance

    Augmentative Communication

    *gives children who have difficulty expressing themselves the ability to do so

    *uses various techniques and devices to enable communication

    Other Areas

    *Related Arts (Art, Music, PE)



    *Occupational Therapy

    *Physical Therapy

    *Speech Therapy

    * Spanish 

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