• racc   Project Success


    Visit us to see what we've been working on in computer lab. Each class we learn how to use a new tool. We will continue to add new things throughout the year!


    leprechaun  How to Trap a Leprechaun! We are having some Saint Patrick's Day fun.


    snowflake Snow Day! Read about our favorite snow day activity. 

    Make your own digital Snowflake



    Thanksgiving  We love a parade! Enjoy our Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons.

    Thanksgiving Balloons


    scarecrow Scarecrows 

    We listened to the story The Lonely Scarecrow on the Internet, and were so happy for a happy ending. The students used Pixie software to create an original scarecrow. They also gave that scarecrow some new friends too. Enjoy their visual stories!

    The Not So Lonely Scarecrow