scool and apples

    Ways to help your child at home:

    * Read, read, read to your child- books, signs, menus, etc.

    * Point out letters and their sounds

    * Trace letters, words and numbers in sand, rice, shaving cream, etc.

    * Emphasize communicating in full sentences

    * Make your child aware of the clock and times of the day, including pointing out what happens in the morning, afternoon and night time.

    * Point out before and after for any event, number or letter

    * Paint, play with play doh (we know it's messy, but it is essential for handstrength and handwriting skills)

    * Provide opportunities for writing and cutting

    * Practice counting and saying the alphabet

    * Practice addition families (you can do this in the car)

    * Put any skill you want to work on to music. It makes it more interesting and fun.

    scool and apples

    Sites for Parents

    These sites are provided for your convenience and may provide you with useful information .  If you have any other sites that you feel are useful for parents, please let me know and I may be able to add them to our list.