• First Grade News

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    The 1st grade students will attend a general education classroom daily as tolerated.  The activities the children will participate in are morning meeting, calendar, shared reading (science/social studies), lunch, specials, computers, library, and Spanish.

    The students will receive reading/language arts and math instruction in the LEAP classroom. They will also participate in sensory/fine motor activities. In some cases, students will receive their science/social studies instruction in the LEAP setting.

    What is morning meeting?
    The students participate in opening exercises that include team building, teaching the students how to greet each other appropriately, respect for one another and in the process they get to know each other.
    What is shared reading
    The students gather on the rug for shared reading fun.  This could be learning a science, social studies, or language arts concept, or just enjoying a good story. Together we read poems, big books, various printed items on the computer, and make use of the pocket or interactive reading charts. Shared reading is a fun and active time.
    Social Studies/Science Topics (Shared Reading) will include:
    Self and Family                    Matter
    World Zones                        Insects
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