• Piet Mondrian



    Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who is considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century. He started out painting things the way they looked—trees, houses, people—but then his work began to change. Watch the video below to see just how he went from lots of colors to just red, blue and yellow (with some black and white). The music is fun, too, so feel free to dance along with Cartoon Piet!



    This is one of his most famous paintings. It's called 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' and is named after a musical style of the early 20th Century—boogie woogie—and one of his favorite cities—New York. 




    Watch this video and see how someone in the 21st Century was influenced by a piece of artwork that's almost 80 years old! 


    Now for the challenge. You are going to create your own Mondrian-inspired drawing using only red, blue and yellow, plus black. If you don't have markers, you can use crayon or colored pencil. Don't have them? No worries. If you have some red, yellow and blue paper around, you can make a collage. No paper? How about magazines? Cereal boxes? Wrapping paper? It's ok if the paper you use has images or words on it, just as long as its primarily red, blue and yellow. If you don't have a black Sharpie marker, be sure to use the black marker last or it will smear into all the other colors. I can't wait to see your project!