• Hey kids, did you know that you don't need any art supplies to make art? That's right! There are some artists who use objects found in nature to make amazing creations. Artist Michael Grab is one of them. Check out this video of his incredible work:


    Now that's some amazing skill—and patience! After watching, I got to thinking, What could I make with natural materials? I must admit I haven't nailed the ability to balance stones yet, but I looked around my backyard to see what I could use to make art. I found some sticks and made some fun art...




    Here's your assignment:

    • Look around your yard or neighborhood. What materials can you gather? Sticks, stones, leaves, grasses, flowers, anything and everything is a possibility.
    • Experiment with what to make 
    • When you create something you like, take a picture
    • Try creating something else with the same materials, just rearranged 
    • Post your creations on Artsonia in the Natural Art project gallery
    • Remember, practice Internet safety: do not post pictures of yourself, just your artwork 

     Can't wait to see what you create!