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    Do you doodle? Do you draw random pictures, lines and/or patterns in the margins of your notebook when your teacher is teaching? Do you color in all the white spaces on the cover of your marble composition notebook? Are you obsessed with drawing on any blank piece of paper, no matter what you draw? That's doodling, and I've been an obsessive doodler since I was your age. 

    This really cool project is based on the 'Zentangle' method of doodling. The images above are samples of artwork and patterns in this style. Click on this link to find out how to make your own Zentangle artwork.

    Post to the Artsonia gallery, 'Doodle Design Challenge', but remember to practice digital citizenship: no names or pictures of you in your piece. Can't wait to see your work!


    • How do the lines you draw influence the patterns you put inside the shapes?
    • Once you started a pattern, did you have any challenges filling the space with it?