As artists, we use all sorts of tools to tell our wordless stories. Lines are a big one! In this video, you will see me create a spring scene using different types of lines to tell the story of the objects in it. 

    The assignment:

    • Draw a picture. It can be anything you want.
    • You can use any drawing medium—you do not have to use markers
    • Use lines to tell the story
      - What could curved lines be? Flowers, clouds, animals
      - What could straight lines be? Buildings, doors, windows, anything made by humans
      - What could zigzag lines be? Teeth, scales or fins on a fish or reptile
      - Whatever you draw, try to use lines that fit the object
    • Then, post your drawing to Artsonia under the Drawing With Different Kinds of Lines project gallery
    • Have fun! Can't wait to see what you create!