• Mathematics Parent and Teacher Resources

    “We must engage in the necessary critical work to nurture a democratic society where all can use, know, and understand mathematics to comprehend and critique the world through mathematics and to experience its WONDER, JOY, and BEAUTY” (Robert Q. Berry III, Catalyzing Change in Early Childhood and Elementary Mathematics)

    Mathematics is a dynamic, beautiful subject that is important for all students to access.  In FRSD, teachers focus on engaging students in powerful mathematics tasks that require deep critical thinking and connections to real-world problems.  We believe that we are ALL “math people”.

    Mathematics has evolved over time.  In order to help understand some current key ideas about mathematics education, you may wish to use the following as references:

    Mathematics Pedagogy

    Mathematics Content

    FREE online calculator (and so much more!)

    FREE practice websites:

    Looking for some extra insight or challenges for you and your mathematician(s)?

Last Modified on October 28, 2023