• Zoom
    You will receive a Zoom link through email and Seesaw for our daily instruction beginning at 8:50 AM. This link will remain the same throughout our virtual learning unless otherwise noted. Be sure your child's name on Zoom reflects his/her actual name. Please have your iPad/laptop charger handy. I will review Zoom features with your child, but in the meantime, try to review the "mute" button and the "stop/start video" button with your child. He/she should be able to mute/unmute and turn his/her video on/off. These are two features your child will use all day every day. 
    Because we are using an "all virtual learning" model, the fastest and easiest way to communicate with me will be through email.
    Your child will receive plenty of breaks from academics and the screen, especially in the beginning of our virtual learning. 
    We will have a set snack time (around 10:00). Please try to set aside your child's snack ahead of time, so he/she can just "grab and go"! This will be a time for students to relax and talk with their classmates and teachers virtually.
    Your child will have a 40 minute lunch time. At this time, we will sign off Zoom. I encourage your child to eat away from the computer or iPad and try to organize some down time or play time (to mimic recess and get all the wiggles out).  
    Back to School Night
    As you are aware, Back to School Night will be held virtually. (details to follow)
    Mystery Reader
    Are you interested in reading to the class? Then be a mystery reader! You may pick 1 book from home and can read to the class on Zoom! We will have mystery readers beginning in October.
    Miscellaneous Information
    • If your child is sick or cannot attend the virtual academy, you must let the office know of his/her absence. Live learning will begin at 8:50 AM and students will be marked absent if they are not on Zoom at this time.
    • It is crucial to have a set area in the house for your child to focus and complete his/her academics. Try to limit all distractions (TV, pets, siblings, toys, etc.). In addition, keep all school materials handy. 
    • We will be creating a list of class rules and expectations to help set the standard that virtual learning is just as important as being in the classroom.
    • It has always been my goal for your child to complete his/her work independently. In the beginning of virtual learning, your child may need more assistance, but please be patient! I promise I will do everything to make things clear, simple, and detailed for my little first graders!