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    2019-2020 Board Goals


    1. The Board will seek to improve governance and enhance Board operations through:

    • professional development on topics including ethics, governance, NJSBA-endorsed "best practices" for good boardmanship, and committee-specific functions.

    • implementation of protocols to improve communications among all Board stakeholders, promote Board harmony, and increase efficiency of Board business.

    2. The Board will actively support district efforts to increase student growth and reduce achievement gaps by:

    • attending school functions including concerts, plays, academic showcases, etc.

    • supporting the STEM ecosystem

    • inviting curriculum related presentations from our schools to public Board meetings.






    2018-2019 Board Goals

    Goal 1 – The Board will continue defining Governance by updating Board Policy.

    Goal 2 – The Board will develop and implement a program of Professional Development which includes but is not limited to; STEM, Communication and Finance. As part of this Goal, the Board will also explore Board Certification.

    Goal 3 – The Board will increase Board representation at school events to support students and our schools.


    District Stategic Goals

    Goal Area #1:  Academics/Curriculum "The district will implement a data driven, multi-year curriculum and professional development plan that increases teachers' instructional skills and ensure that every child has access to materials and a curriculum that is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards."

    - Monitor and adjust the multi-year plan;

    - Conduct data driven needs assessments and evaluations to ensure the efficacy of the implementation process for new curriculum materials & professional development;

    - Continue to utilize a classroom based professional development program focused on collaboration, demonstration lessons, & reflective dialogue.

    Goal Area #2: Special Services "Review the assessment of the structure, procedure, and processes completed by the Superintendent to develop an action plan to address areas of deficit."

    - Align staffing ad programs based on student needs;

    - Improve and enhance early intervention & transitional programs;

    - Identify student/faculty mental health issues & implement a systematic approach of support;

    - Utilize both functional & discrepancy student information when determining eligibility

    Goal Area #3: Resource Management "Ensure that fiscal, facility & human resources are allocated to meet district needs."

    - Identify & analyze community demographics;

    - Assess impact of demographic trends on district operations;

    - Identify district priorities; Plan & implement consistent & effective processes;

    - Review department procedures & modify practices for efficiencies.

    Goal Area #4:  Communications and Leadership "Cultivate relationships that build trust & respect with all stakeholders."

    - Engage others with inclusivity & hear all perspectives;

    - Communicate with transparency to ensure understanding through humility;

    - Provide consistent leadership to maintain civility to move the district forward.


Last Modified on September 15, 2020