• Counselor Corner Update: A message from Miss Kempf "Counselor Corner is a 10-20 minute lesson/activity that students are encouraged to complete asynchronously during the 1:30-3:00pm window. It is not meant to be a burden or add to the academic load. The lessons address social and emotional learning topics such as self-care, managing emotions, developing resilience, problem solving and having a growth mindset. The lessons will include listening to videos or messages from me, listening to read alouds, and responding to the material by talking with an adult, drawing a picture, writing down an answer or filling out a google form. The students do not need to submit their daily Counselor Corner assignments to me – if a student wants to share their assignments, they are more than welcome to email them to me or their teacher, however this is absolutely not required. I will sometimes post a link to a padlet to give students the opportunity to share their work with me that way. What matters to me most is that the students are watching the videos/read alouds that I have posted for the day, thinking about the topic for the week, and completing the assignments when they can. The students have a brief reflection form to complete by the Friday of each week, sharing what they learned or liked that week in Counselor Corner." **The reflection form is optional. Should your child choose to complete it, Miss Kempf would like him/her to submit it by Friday of that week.***


    Please reach out to our counselors should you have any further questions regarding the Counselor Corner.


    Counselor Corner