• Zentangle Leaves


    What is 'Zentangle'?

    "The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns, tangles. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. These simple shapes are the 'Elemental Strokes' in all Zentangle art." - From the Zentangle Website 


    Before you start! 

    1. If you read through the directions and are confused, please ask a grown up to go over them with you. Once you start, you'll see the project is pretty easy.
    2. Practice drawing some Zentangle patterns first, so you get the hang of the process. 



    You will need a pencil and a skinny black marker. Sharpie is preferred, but if you don't have one, any skinny black marker or even a black pen will work. Scissors and glue are optional (see step 2 below).

    1. Print out the leaf template and the 2 Zentangle pattern pages below. NOTE: One of them is a link! You have to click on that to open and download it. 

    Leaf Template



    Click on this link to open and print. You don't want to miss these: Zentangle Samples


    2. You can create your Zentangle leaf on one sheet of paper, or, if you want a colored background, you can decorate the leaf, then cut it out and glue onto a piece of colored paper that has been 'zentangled'.

    3. To start your Zentangle, use a pencil to draw a vertical line down the center of the leaf. It shouldn't be straight; it should curve slightly. This is the main vein in the leaf that brings water and nutrients to it from the tree.

    4. Look at the leaf in the finished sample. How many diagonal lines run through it? Where do they start? Where do they end? There are 4 lines, and they start all the way out at the edges of the paper.

    - If you are doing your drawing on 1 piece of paper, you should draw 4 gently curving lines starting at the edges of the paper, right through the leaf to the opposite edge. Keep them far apart so you have room inside each shape to add pattern.

    - If you are drawing your background on a separate piece of paper, you will need to do this step twice: once through the leaf, then once on the background paper.

    5. Look carefully at the background of the finished piece. It actually has 7 lines! After you draw your 4 lines, see if there are some large areas in the background. You can add a few more lines to break them up. More lines = more spaces for Zentangles! Trace over these lines with 

    Note: Do not draw more than 8 lines total. Too many lines will make the spaces very small for drawing.

    6. Trace over the lines with black marker.

    7. Now the fun starts! Grab a marker, choose your Zentangle patterns for each space and draw! 

    8. If you draw the leaf on a separate piece of paper, make sure you don't cut off the black ouline when you cut it out. You want that when you glue it onto your background paper so the leaf will stand out. If you do accitentially cut it off, you can always re-draw it on the background paper. 


    This is a challenging project! Do your best and don't worry if it's not 'perfect'. Remember, I never expect perfection, just progress.