• 2021 Bastille Day Lite in Frenchtown
    Drew Nugent & The Midnight Society will deliver the sounds of jazz, blues, pop - sweet & hot from the 1900s-30s - from the porch of the Frenchtown Bookshop at at 28 Bridge St.,
    Take in a magic show across the street and get a picture with Marie Antoinette.

    We are keeping is smaller this year for reasons everyone knows.

    Fret not because there will be plenty going on all weekend in Frenchtown.

    Bastille Day is an annual event held in Frenchtown, New Jersey and in multiple cities and countries across the globe including France. The Frenchtown, NJ Bastille Day 2021 will be a scaled down version of what we are used to! We are calling it Bastille Day Lite.

    Bastille Day is the national day of France, which is celebrated on July 14th each year. In French, it is formally called la Fête nationale (National Day) or Le Quatorze Juillet. The French National Day is the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, a turning point of the French Revolution, as well as the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people on 14 July 1790.

    It is often celebrated with military parades, meals, dances, parties and fireworks. We do it a little bit different in Frenchtown but folks seem to enjoy it... and they keep coming back.

    The Official Borough Historian, Rich Epstein, tells the tale of Frenchtown's Founder escaping the guillotine and making his way to America.

    Love Frenchtown's photo.

    Bastille Day Lite

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