• phys ed

    Our goal in Physical Education at Barley Sheaf School is to develop the whole child; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally within a safe learning environment.  We provide the students the opportunities to engage in various activities with the focus of developing and reinforcing flexibility, muscular strength/endurance and cardio-respiratory endurance.  Activities are also planned and designed to develop perceptual motor skills, gross locomotor movements, manipulative skills, social and emotional skills, cooperative skills, competitive skills, tumbling skills, and good sportsmanship.  We provide students many activities that they can participate in at home and for a lifetime. 


    Some Activities and Sports in Physical Education

    • Motor skills and movement
      • hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping
    • Cooperative games and activities
    • Jogging and Running
    • Soccer
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Scooter activities
    • Gymnastics/tumbling
    • Lacrosse
    • Track and Field
    • Safety Town
    • Field Day
    • And much more

    How you can help your child succeed in Physical Education?

    • Know what days your child has PE class and be sure your child is prepared.

    Sneakers must be worn on physical education days.  To ensure your child's safety, a full covered foot is essential as we participate in many activities that require constant movement and change of direction.  Students should wear comfortable clothing that enables them to move freely and easily.  We go outside frequently so jackets, sweatshirts, and layered clothing are ideal for colder weather.

    • Be a Healthy Role Model

    We aspire to develop healthy, happy and physically fit children.  We need your help!  Adults are great role models active lifestyles.  Attaining your own fitness goals is important as well as joining your children as they reach theirs.  Play, catch, run, kick, pass, or walk with your child as often as you can!


    Medical Excuses

    Please send in a note with your child if they cannot participate in PE due to an injury or illness.  The classroom teacher will have your child bring the note to the nurse for a PE excuse.  Your child will spend that time either in the nurses office or by observing the PE activity of the day.

Last Modified on July 13, 2022