• Handing over the 2024 Olympic Games to Paris

    After a performance of traditional Japanese song and dance, the ceremony began looking forward. The next Olympic Games will take place in just three years in Paris. The Olympic flag was officially handed over to the mayor of Paris, and the national anthem of France was played to make the transition official. 

    The anthem even ended with a French astronaut who is currently orbiting the Earth playing his saxophone, which was an amazing detail no one could have expected. 

    This is quite the handover ceremony - including the French national anthem being played from the International Space Station! Pretty stunning SparklesEarth globe asia-australia 

    There was even a video of a live Olympic celebration in Paris, the first time that's been included in a closing ceremony. It ended with a flyover of jets spraying the colors of the French flag behind them, and a closeup of the enormous Paris 2024 flag that's flying from the actual Eiffel Tower.

    Au revoir, Tokyo et Bonjour, Paris!