• Raclette


    Country: Switzerland

    Fondue may be more famous than raclette, but true cheese lovers will always prefer the latter. It’s not that fondue isn’t amazing. It’s that raclette gives you even more cheese to top many foods, not just bread. 

    Raclette functions as a large piece of cheese that’s mounted onto a special tool. As the cheese melts, you scrape it onto a plate with potatoes, vegetables, pickles, cold meats and, yes, bread.

    The cheese is thicker than the one used for fondue and has a stronger flavor. 




    Country: France

    Most people might think of crepes as street food, but this is really only a thing in touristy parts of France. The real crepe experience happens in a sit-down restaurant that specializes in the dish.  

    Though sweet crepes are the most well-known outside of France, we strongly encourage you to try savory crepes, of which there are countless variations (we especially like mushrooms and cheese). Originating from Brittany, they are traditionally accompanied by cider.


    DanceWithNyanko/Wikimedia Commons

    Country: France

    Ah, poor, poor maligned escargot. Look, we hear you, snails do not sound appetizing at all. But we encourage you to taste this famed French delicacy at least once. You might be surprised at how much you end up loving it. 

    Escargots are cooked with wine and garlic butter, then served with more herbal butter. The texture is surprisingly tender. As the snails themselves do not have a strong flavor, what you mostly taste is the fragrant infusion of herbal butter, which often has thyme, garlic or parsley.





    Somehow, bisque isn’t one of France’s famous dishes. Nevertheless, it’s one of the country’s best in our humble opinion. 

    The thick soup is creamy and is usually made with shellfish, several spices and cream. Sometimes, wine is added to bring out a deep flavor.

    Bisque is spicier than most other French dishes (though it is by no means actually spicy), which is perhaps why it has a place in our hearts.