• Happy Birthday
    I would love to help your child celebrate his/her birthday.  However, due to food allergies, we will not be celebrating with food.  Students are welcome to bring in a small "treat" for their classmates such as pencils, stickers, erasers, pocket games, small (non-food) goody bags, etc.  Parents are always welcome to read to the class or send in a special book for me to read.  I look forward to helping make special birthday memories for your child!
    Please contact me before your child's birthday to make arrangements.   
    Summer birthdays can be celebrated in June.  
    Birthday party invitations may be handed out in class only if all students in the class are invited. If only a select few are invited, then invitations must be mailed from home. Please sign-up for our Francis A. Desmares School PTO Directory in the fall.