• Jaye Health Class

    September 22 - Class introduction Intro Parent Letter 

    September 30 - 1.  Please watch the video in google classroom
                            2.  We will read and go over the circulatory system packet.  We will be reading pages 1 - 5.
                            3.  Complete worksheet "Why do I need Blood"  What you don't finish in class is for homework.


    October 8 - Today we will finish reading in our packets.

    1. Read pages 6 - 8 in circulatory system packet.
    2.  Log into Brain Pop.  Try to use your Clever log in.
    3.  Watch Brain Pop video on the circulatory system.
    4.  Then answer the questions on the quiz from the video.
    5.  When finished answering the questions start on circulatory system dash sheet.  Get the worksheet from Mr. Hopkins.

    October 18 

    • Today we will take a pretest for our next unit which is the respiratory system.  The pretest does not count for a grade.  Its for me to see what you already know about the respiratory system.
    • After the pretest we will watch a video on the circulatory system.  During the video listen and look for the vocabulary that we have started to learn about the circulatory system.
    • After watching the video you will answer the questions on the google form called:  Questions for video Pumping Life.  Make you submit your answers when you are done

    October 26 - Circulatory Build a vein and heart/pulse montior.

    November 8 - Kahoot review game Circulatory Study Guide  

    November 16 - Circulatory system test.