• Enrollment Plans, Housing Developments & Elementary Zones

    The Flemington-Raritan School District (FRSD) is a regional, pre-K-8 district serving the children, parents and residents of Flemington Borough and Raritan Township, an area encompassing 38 square miles. Our 3,200 students, 375 certified staff, and our support staff are housed in six buildings: four elementary (pre K-4), an intermediate school (5-6), and a middle school (7-8).  Our graduates complete their 9-12 education at the Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

    2023-2024 is Year 2 of Redistricting. To address growth, the district evaluated current elementary school attendance zones and analyzed the probable increases in enrollment. The rate of growth was not anticipated to be equally spread out across all four elementary schools. With a focus on supporting students and families through the transition, the District planned for program consistency, enrollment balance, and funding equity in staff among schools. 

    A Superintendent's Equity Ad Hoc Committee participated in heavy lifting, diving deep into data to develop a redistricting plan. The committee poured over data on housing developments, school enrollment, capacity percentages, and economically disadvantaged students to develop proposals.

    Changes in enrollment catchment areas were necessary to accomplish these goals. These changes helped to alleviate crowding in some buildings while balancing class sizes, space and resources across all four elementary schools.  The redistricting resulted in greater balance of economically disadvantaged student enrollment among schools, reducing the disparity between schools.

    Providing every student every opportunity, every day requires ensuring equitable access to instructional programs, services, and resources in the district. Growing disparities in school demographics and the lack of instructional space in schools would have resulted in inequitable class sizes and the inability to implement instructional programs with fidelity.  

    To learn more about the District's enrollment plans, new housing developments and elementary school zones, click the links below.

  • Enrollment as of January 2024

    J.P. Case = 684 students 
    RFIS = 706 students 
    Barley Sheaf = 361 students 
    Copper Hill = 611 students 
    Desmares = 417 students 
    Robert Hunter = 408 students 
    Out-of-District = 17 students 

    Total Students = 3,215 


Last Modified on January 22, 2024