• Club Overview

    Greenpower USA is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program that provides students in multiple grade levels the opportunity to participate in project-based learning experiences.  This club will engage you in knowledge and real-world skills that will work in the efforts of sustainability and eco-friendly technology.  The goal of this club is to enhance the learning of STEM skills through a highly engaging and inspirational design-build-race competition.  Teams of students will be supplied with a car building kit to build a functioning electric race car with the aspiration of competing against other school groups.  Teams have been designed in schools in the United Kingdom, and now efforts are being made in the United States, and J.P. Case can be at the forefront of this initiative in our community!

    Building Task

    Students will build a functioning electric race car based on the design of the supplied manual.  You will learn how to use real construction skills to accomplish this.  Once built, the team will test the race car by driving around the J.P. Case parking lot.  Once the team can successfully drive the car, our next goal will be to assess how the test drive functioned.  What worked well?  What can we improve to make it run faster or longer?  Once we identify these components, teams will make the modifications to the existing car necessary to achieve these improvements.  The ultimate goal is to take a fully designed and tested race car to compete in a race with another school to challenge your growing engineering abilities.


    To fully make aware our efforts with the community, students will also design a website to promote our club.  This will inform the community about what we are trying to accomplish, and why we are making efforts to produce electric power.  The purpose of this goal is centered on our efforts at sustainability and improving conditions that currently present challenges to our climate.  This website will be marketed to businesses within the community of Flemington so that we can promote sponsorship on any resources necessary to build and improve our car design.  These businesses, in turn, will be able to market their business on our car to better connect our goals as a club and as a community (think of NASCAR cars!).


    Here are some links to the Greenpower USA program and its efforts so that you can read about our goals as a club and learn more of our responsibilities.  As we come across challenges in our design, more links will be added as educational tools to better instruct construction and engineering skills.

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