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           Our Classroom RULES 

    The first week of school we will come together to make up our own Class Rules. We brainstorm together lots of ideas. The list becomes quite long. The next day I ask the children how we are going to remember ALL these rules so we help the children consolidate our list to about five rules. I feel letting the children help make the rules, even with assistance, makes the class feel that they truly are part of a class community. We also discuss the consequences if they do break the "rules" to the class. Consequences for not following the rules will always begin with a verbal warning.  More severe consequences are only given when truly necessary, so please keep that in mind.  After several unsuccessful verbal warnings of continued or reoccurring bad choices,  it will then result in a phone call or email home.

    R- Respect for everyone and everything. (Be nice.)

    UUnderstand that organization is important. (Be responsible.)

    LListen to ALL your teachers! (Follow directions carefully, don't talk when someone else is talking, raise your hand.)

    EEveryday try your best! (Enough said!)

    S- Stay on task (Do your work.)

    Verbal Warnings/ Phone call/ Email

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