• Mrs. Mulholland's Second Grade Supply List


     large backpack 
     1 box of sharpened #2 pencils
     large plastic pencil box or supply case
     2 erasers
     kid scissors  
     colored pencils (any count)
     handheld pencil sharpener
     thin or thick markers (any count)
    4 glue sticks
    crayons (any count)
    box of tissues  
    4 dry erase markers
    **set of headphones
    spiral notebook
    water bottle 
    box of gallon or sandwich-size bags 


    **Headphones - From personal experience, younger students prefer headphones that go over the ears. Feeling comfortable wearing the headphones will be very important. If you have found any particular kinds that your child or children like, please feel free to share that with me and I can add that information here for other families. 


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