• Staying Connected
    We encourage you to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher.  Please send a note or call if you have any questions, concerns or comments, and you can expect our teachers to respond as soon as possible. Many teachers may not get a break to return your call until the end of the school day depending on prior meetings that may have already been scheduled. If your call needs immediate attention, please let our school secretary know, and she will direct your call to another staff member who may be able to assist immediately.

    Our voice mail system will allow you to leave a telephone message at any time, day or night. Teachers' voice mail extension numbers are located on our school's website. During Office hours, our secretary will connect you to the teachers’ voice mailboxes. Please refer to the attached "Important Telephone Information" page voicemail options.
    All of your child's basic demographic information and emergency contacts will appear on the Parent Portal.  Rather than providing the same information each September, you will be able to review, edit and confirm the existing data at any time through the Parent Portal.

    The district uses an enhanced automated communication system.  In addition to the phone messages regarding important school announcements, you will also be able to receive text and email messages from the district.  The Parent Portal will be the tool you use to control what phone numbers and email addresses are used for these services.  All these features will be in addition to the existing ability to tract your child's attendance and view report cards. 


Last Modified on July 30, 2020