• Procedures for Picking-up Students at the End of the Day

    Our focus is on the safety of each child and for that purpose we ask for your cooperation with our pick up procedure.

    Students will be dismissed with their classroom for pick-up and not at an earlier time.

    Students will be brought to the pick-up area only if the classroom teacher has received information stating what day the child will be picked up and by whom.Do not call or email the classroom teacher your child's dismissal information during the school day.  Please contact the Main Office.

    If students have a regularly scheduled day(s) that he/she will be picked-up, then the parent can write one note for the year stating the reason and dates.

    The location for pick-up is in the foyer area by the kindergarten classrooms.

    We cannot release students to adults who are not designated on notes or emergency forms.

    Students will be matched with designated adults before leaving the school.

    The sign-out book will be located in this area in addition to the list of students who have brought in notes.

    All pick-ups will occur in the kindergarten foyer. Adults will not be able to enter the pick-up area from the main foyer.
    In the absence of a note or phone call, students will go home on the bus or report to the YMCA aftercare program if scheduled.
    The YMCA Child Care program is available for parents who need a place for their child earlier or later than our school hours. Please contact the YMCA directly for more detailed information at 236-4184.

    Your cooperation with these procedures will ensure a safe environment for our students.

Last Modified on July 30, 2020