• Nutrition Guidelines

    The Flemington-Raritan School District is required to implement a school wellness policy that addresses healthy eating and physical activity. The following information reflects the established nutrition standards for all foods available on each school during the school day.

    1. All foods sold or served on school property must meet the following standards:

    No more than eight grams of total fat per serving with the exception of nuts and seeds.

    No more than two grams of saturated fat per serving.

    100% of all beverages offered shall be milk, water or one-hundred percent fruit or vegetable juices.

    2. Prohibited foods:

    Food of minimal nutrition value as per USDA definition, including soda water, water ice or chewing gum.

    All food and beverage items listing sugar, in any form, as the first ingredient.

    All forms of candy including hard candy, sour balls, fruit balls, candy sticks, lollipops, starlight mints, after dinner mints, sugar wafers, rock candy, cinnamon candies, breath mints, jaw breakers and cough drops.

    Food of minimal nutrition value include jellies and gums, gum drops, jelly beans, jellied and fruit-flavored slices, marshmallow candies, fondants such as candy corn, licorice, spun candy and candy-coated popcorn.
    3. Sharing food in school:
    - Any  food sent to school to be shared with other students must have prior approval of the classroom teacher.
    - Food sent in for a student's lunch or snack are not to be traded or shared with other students.

    Suggestions for Birthday Celebrations as alternatives to food:

    Non-food items to share with classmates such as stickers and pencils.

    Donate a book to the class library in the student’s name.

    Game or craft activity.

    The classroom teachers will be sure to celebrate their students’ birthdays with a special song and recognition either in class or at a school assembly. (Policy Number: 8505)

Last Modified on July 30, 2020