We would love to celebrate your child's birthday
         in our classroom!  Our school policy calls for a "no
         food" celebration.  We will, of course, honor your
         child by singing "Happy Birthday."
     If you wish to do something special for the day, here are some non-food ideas:
       *You (or another family member) may come in (zoom in) and read a book to the class in honor of the birthday girl or boy.
    *You may plan an activity to do with the class - a game or  
      craft. (plan something that will take no longer than 20
    *You may send in a non-edible treat for the children
      (bookmark, eraser, little yo-yo, etc).
    I'm open to any other non-food ideas that you may have.
    Please let me know a few days in advance if you plan to come in so that I can organize our schedule to accomodate the special activity.
    *We will celebrate summer birthdays in June.