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About Me:  Mrs. Cinquemani


  • I’ve been teaching since 1996


  • I have taught in a 1st-2nd grade multiage classroom, 1st grade and 4th grade


  • I have been married for 14 years.  (My husband and I have yet to remember our anniversary.  Thank goodness we are both horrible with dates!)


  • I have several animals.  I have a dog named Izzy.  She is a Rottweiler, but thinks she is a Saint Bernard.  (She drools a lot!)  Although a Rottweiler is known for their protective nature, I truly believe that if a burglar were to break into our house, she would allow them to take whatever they wanted, as long as they pet her and gave her a biscuit.  We have two cats, Ferncloud and Krinkles.  They are also known as Foo and Boo.  Actually, I tend to refer to Ferncloud as the most annoying cat in the world.  She loves to wake you up by walking on your face!  We also have one corn snake named, Red.  He just kinda chills in his cage most of the time.  We have a crested gecko - named Spaz,  she the smallest of our critters.  Finally, we have one bearded dragon named Shim.  Shim only likes my husband - I still haven't quite figured that out.  :-)


  • I have a beautiful 13-year-old daughter named Shea.  She is very creative.  She loves to sing, act, draw, and create new things.  


  • I also have a 9-year-old daughter named Brin.  If she were born first, she would be an only child.  She tests me every step of the way, with a scrunched up nose and clenched teeth.  Despite our daily battles over brushing teeth and hair, I still love her dearly. 
  • I have the ultimate brown thumb.  Any planet I've ever owned has died.  I've given up.  (Probably good anyway since I have major allergies.) 


  • I can be tough, but I also think I am fair.


  • I try not to give homework on Fridays, but sometimes . . . it happens.


  • The best way to reach me is via email.  My email address is:



  • You can also reach me by phone at:  908-284-7620 ext. 5833


  • My goal as an educator is not to just teach children to learn academically, but to help children feel good about themselves and what they have accomplished.  I will push your children to do the best they can, and I will praise them for their efforts.  I will also hold them accountable for their actions.  As they become more and more independent, they need to be responsible for the choices that they make.


  • I believe whole-heartedly that if we work together as a team, your child will have the best academic experience possible.