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    Board of Education Members
    The Board is made up of nine members; seven represent Raritan Township and two represent Flemington Borough. The year each member's term expires is indicated below, along with a link to their district e-mail address. Please note, per Board Bylaws, Board members will only acknowledge receipt of correspondence.
    Flemington Borough 

    Jessica Abbott, Vice President (2021)
    E-mail ID: jessica.abbott
    Jeff Cain (2022)
    E-mail ID: jeffrey.cain
    Raritan Township

    Pamela Baker (2023)
    E-mail ID: pamela.baker
    Tim Bart, President (2021)
    E-mail ID: tim.bart

    Valerie Bart (2023)
    E-mail ID: valerie.bart

    Dr. Marianne Kenny (2022)
    E-mail ID: marianne.kenny

    Laurie Markowski (2021)
    E-mail ID: laurie.markowski

    Susan Mitcheltree (2023)
    E-mail ID: susan.mitcheltree
    Melanie Rosengarden (2022)
    E-mail ID: melanie.rosengarden
    2021 Board of Education Committees

    Ad Hoc: Pamela Baker, Dr. Marianne Kenny, Laurie Markowski, Melanie Rosengarden
    Curriculum: Jeff Cain*, Tim Bart, Susan Mitcheltree, Melanie Rosengarden
    Equity: Jessica Abbott*, Pamela Baker, Tim Bart, Jeff Cain
    Facilities/Operations/Security: Laurie Markowski*, Pamela Baker, Valerie Bart, Melanie Rosengarden
    Finance: Dr. Marianne Kenny*, Valerie Bart, Laurie Markowski, Susan Mitcheltree
    Personnel: Susan Mitcheltree*, Jessica Abbott, Tim Bart, Jeff Cain
    Policy: Melanie Rosengarden*, Jessica Abbott, Pamela Baker, Tim Bart
    Special Education: Jessica Abbott*, Valerie Bart, Dr. Marianne Kenny, Susan Mitcheltree
    Transportation: Valerie Bart*, Dr. Marianne Kenny, Laurie Markowski

    * Chairperson

    Bus Driver-JTC Negotiations - Laurie Markowski*
    FREA-BOE Negotiations Committee - Susan Mitcheltree*, Jessica Abbott, Jeff Cain
    Flemington Borough Liaison: Jessica Abbott
    Raritan Township Liaison: Tim Bart

Last Modified on January 14, 2021