• Syllabus for Sixth Grade Social Studies

    Marking Period 3


    Program Description:  The goal of the social studies program is to enable students to develop as individuals and to equip them to be productive members of an evolving democratic society.  Instruction develops the ability to think critically, see how the history and geography of the world's past influence its present and future, understand relationships and varying points of view, and arrive at logical conclusions from the facts presented.


    Course Content:  The following topics will be covered this marking period:


                            Review and reinforce geography skills

                            Ancient India

                            Ancient China


    Sample Learning Outcomes:  By the end of the marking period, the student will be able to demonstrate the following thinking skills:

    Knowledge:                 identify the achievements of ancient India and China                                                          

    Comprehension:          explain how geography influenced the development of India

                                        and China


    Application:                 compare the achievements of the Indian and Chinese



    Synthesis:                    research and create a project to represent the lifestyle or culture of                                       ancient India/China

    Evaluation:                  evaluate a current events topic or article


    Sample Teaching Strategies: 

                cooperative learning activities             hands-on activities

                maintaining a social studies notebook            lecture

                presentations                                                   teacher modeling

                video presentations


    Sample Evaluation Tools:

                tests and quizzes                                 evaluation of cooperative learning activities

                notebook                                             evaluation of class/group/home projects

                homework assignments                                              


    Resources for Instruction:

                curriculum guide                                 selected timelines, maps, charts, and posters

                atlases                                                  textbook—History Alive! The Ancient World

                internet                                                library and media center

                social studies department resources    History Alive Resource Package