• Grammar tips
    Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

    ·       pair and pear

    ·       whether and weather

    ·       weight and wait

    ·       shore and sure

    ·       their, there, and they’re

    ·       to, too, and two

    Homonyms are multiple-meaning words because they are spelled the same but have different meanings. When you have a pair of homonyms, one word is a noun and the other word is a verb.

    v bear- the animal and “I can’t bear to hear that.”

    v change- coins and to do something differently

    v can- of food and you are able to do something

    v beam- a ray and to smile

    v saw- a tool and to have seen something in the past

    v heat- energy from the sun and to make something hotter
    Reminders for English Language Learners 
    • articles are a, an, one, the, this, these
    • prepositional phrases are in, on, under, beside, in back of
    • comparison words are smaller, larger, fewer, less, wider, narrower, taller, shorter